Darko Sedak-Benčić was born on 14.03,1986. in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

First contact with trumpet he accomplished when he was nine  and  then he decided to start education in class of professor Marjan Novak. In his earlier musical education he attended competitions and musical workshops for classical music, improving his trumpet technique with distinguished professors as Marin Zokić and Stanko Arnold. He started to express his passion for Jazz music during his high school education when he came in contact with pieces of eminent Jazz trumpet masters as Louis Armstrong, Clifford Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval, John Faddis, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Maynard Ferguson, Doc Severinsen and many others.


In  2006. he passed audition at Jazz university in Graz, Austria(Kunst Universitat Graz) and studied in class of Professor Edvard Holntaner for next four years. During his academic studies he attended many workshops and studied with world class and well known artists as Booby Shew, Michael Philliph Mossman, Randy Brecker, Lasse Lindgren, John Thomas, Al Porcino, Stephan Zimmermann, Andy Hadarer, Tobias Weidinger, James Rotondi, Rex Richardson, Stjepko Gut, Dave Liebman, Jim McNeely, Mario Gonzi, Ed Neumeister, Derrick E. Gardner, Earl Gardner, John Hollenbeck, Ed Partyka, Michael Abene, John Riley, Peter Erskine, Luis Bonilla and many others who helped in development of his existing musical talent.

During his university studies, in 2006. he became regular member of HGM Jazz orchestra Zagreb under conductor Sigi Feigl and got part time job in  Croatian radio and television orchestra, where he started getting his professional experience. Also, at the same time, he accomplished cooperation with ensemble in the area of Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, for which he was arranging tunes in different musical styles.  One of Croatian ensembles, which regularly play his arrangements, is percussion ensemble SUDAR, for which he adjusted songs from movies as James Bond theme, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction and others.

In 2011. He graduated bachelor studies for Jazz and popular music(also classic) and got university title of bachelor trumpeter.

In autumn  the same year, he entered master studies for Jazz and popular music at same university.

In October 2011. he became member of Backyard Jazz orchestra in Cologne, Germany  and also a member of Hamlet Fiorellis Latin Jazz ensemble where  he participated during recording  CD in February 2012. titled „Siguendo Pa’lante“. In July 2012. he joined JM Jazz World orchestra and did first ever tour in Croatia, Slovenia and Germany.  In  September 2011. he had  tour with HGM Jazz orchestra Zagreb to Jordan and Cyprus and in October same year, tour with Backyard Jazz orchestra in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Germany and Austria. In February 2013. he  played during recording  CD with HGM Jazz orchestra Zagreb titled „Songs of Ivo Robić“.

Also, in last few years, he accomplished cooperation with Croatian pop singers as Tony Cetinski, Nina Badrić. With Željko Bebek he accomplished cooperation for his last CD „Kad poljubac pomješaš sa vinom“ (When you combine kiss with vine) .

In February of 2013. he became endorser for (Hub) van Laar trumpets and flugelhorns in Croatia. In June of the same year he finished a master studies on “University of Music and Preforming Arts” in Graz. At the moment Darko is working as freelance musician, joining many projects as arranger, lead and solo Jazz trumpeter.